No meat, chocolate or alcohol Day #1

So. It appears I’ve fallen a bit behind schedule. Time now then for some multitasking. And for something I was dreading. Do you know what foods contain meat? The best ones! Do you know what foods contain chocolate? The other best ones! No alcohol isn’t a worry, but it’s nice to do things in threes.



Strawberry Shortcake Pop Tarts, coffee.

Not the most substantial of breakfasts and many would argue not a suitable one for a 30 year old man. But it was quick and utterly failed to keep hunger pangs at bay till lunch.


King prawn and rocket sandwiches, salt and vinegar crisps, bottle of Coca Cola.

Thankfully I can still have seafood.

Afternoon snack:

Handful of Haribo.

After checking that their non-vegetarian status wouldn’t count against me (although with the seafood I don’t know why I was bothering) these kept my mind from the mountain of chocolate in the staff base.


Honey mustard salmon pasta, Irn-Bru.

Not quite the cheeseburgers I was craving on the way home but it did a job.


First thoughts, it’s going to be a long month. And I should stop whinging about it, plenty can’t afford to eat meat.


Pub #18 The Ventoux, 2 Brougham Street, Edinburgh

Ah, now this is more like it. If a pub was ever more tailored to my wishes I’ve yet to find it. A good selection of German beers, a relaxing atmosphere AND IT’S CYCLING THEMED!

Named after the fearsome Mont Ventoux climb that regularly features in Le Tour De France, bikes adorn the walls and ceiling, along with memorabilia such as the classic 80s La Vie Claire jersey. Before I reach the 30th I’ll have to ensure I visit their sister pub, The Tourmalet.

Drink #30 3 Sisters

Confession time. I’ve long since completed the 30 drinks category. Problem with it has been that a fair few have been consumed on nights out and by the time I get round to writing them up I can’t remember enough about them to adequately describe them, even given how paltry my reviews have been.

So anyway, the 30th I have been able to write up. 3 Sisters Scottish Ale is an 80/- that has a wonderful toasted malt taste with hints of sweetness. If the rest of the output from The Orkney Brewery is half as good as this, trying my next thirty drinks will be a joy.

Haiku #1



So my friend Laura just posted the above photo, with the caption:

“That is my hat
Give it back you are a cat
It doesn’t even fit”

which references this

so I wrote this:

Cat has stolen hat
give it back you silly feline
it does not fit you.

First haiku down